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Excuses are everywhere. We are so used to them, they’ve become part of our lives, so much so, that we’re having a hard time noticing they are that, just an excuse. Ready to get rid of excuses?

Shadowbuster: 1-on-1 Coaching

8 weeks to change your life

Are you ready to go from living someone else’s idea of a life to finally living the life YOU, yes, YOU, want? 

In just 8 short weeks you’ll go from a job and a life that doesn’t bring you any joy to a life that makes you leap out of bed with excitement to find out what the new day has in store for you.

Unique programme for a unique YOU

Yeah, right, you might think. So what’s so special about this then? Why should this work and what makes it different?

For starters this is totally tailored to you and your needs. You’ve probably come across all these coaches preaching “go for an online business” or “be self-employed, it’s the only way”. 

You won’t find any of that preaching here. I believe that there is no “one size fits all”-approach. So while for some an online business might be the way to go, for others it’ll be a brick and mortar business. Neither is right or wrong, both are fine.

Likewise for some being self-employed is what they’ve always dreamt of, while others are happiest working as employees. And that’s totally fine, too. 

So this programme is totally about YOU and about what makes YOU happy. 

Even if you want to start small and just do something new on the side, nothing wrong with that. 

Multi-industry and international experience at your finger tips

On top of that you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone else who like me has years of experience in the corporate world, the arts and the animal health and training “industry. 

So no matter which direction your life is going to go, you can be sure that I have got you covered. 

Even if whatever you’ve always wanted to do involves working internationally, with having lived and worked in 18 different countries and counting, I truly know about how complicated it can become to e.g. lead teams that are spread on different continents. So you’ve got that experience and my tried and tested solutions at your finger tips.

So if you don’t want to waste any more of your precious life’s time doing something you yourself never really wanted to do in the first place, hit below “Book a discovery call now!”-button for your FREE discovery call. There are limited spaces available only. 

Shadowbuster: Group Coaching

If you like to be motivated both by me as well as other people going through the same process of change as you are, then the group coaching is here to help.

The benefits are the same as described in the 1-on-1 programme, i.e. no push to a certain type of business or a certain type of work model. Add to that my international experience in 3 different “industries” at your finger tips.

So what’s different to the 1-on-1? It is less direct.

It does however equally allow you to reinvent yourself in just 8 short weeks and while there is plenty of support in the group and through the group, it is not 1-on-1. 

Coming soon. 

Shadowbuster: Retreat

You’re not happy with your life, and you want to change that, and you want to change it quickly. This is for you then. 

The same benefits as mentioned in the 1-on-1 coaching apply.

This is really a whistle-stop tour to turning your life around and leads to big changes in a short space of time. This is possible, because we take you out of your usual surroundings to an exclusive location, so there are no interruptions and no reminders of your current life.

Coming soon. 


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