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You’re looking for a presenter or keynote speaker for your next event? Someone who can shake things up a bit? I have ample experience in presenting and giving talks to companies, universities, as well as government representatives on a wide range of topics.

Currently available speeches

The following speeches currently comprise my repertoire:
  • The world needs more rebels – A motivating keynote speech to break the conventions and take the road less travelled; with illustrative stories taken from my life
  • Unconventional Leadership – What makes me a leader no matter where in the world I am; with numerous examples from my life to illustrate what is being said
  • Creativity for the supposedly uncreative – Creativity is useful beyond the arts. Without creativity and new ideas there is no progress. This talk is about how everyone and anyone can activate their creativity; with illustrative stories taken from my life
Feel free to get in touch to clarify how I can help you as a keynote speaker with your next event.

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