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33 good reasons to work with me

1. The focus is on you.

It’s your life and your dreams, so we’ll analyse what’s currently stopping you from living your dream life. You’ll then get the “tools” tailored just for you to get you started on your journey to living your dream life. Schedule a free consultation call to test this.

2. Clear and direct communication.

You’ll benefit from clear communication that has your progress towards your goals at its heart. Only open and honest communication gives you the chance to get to where you want to be and to start living out your dreams.

3. Simple and easy to understand.

You can count on my speaking your “language”. I’ll say what needs to be said to get you to where you want to be in a way that everyone can understand.

4. Experienced professional by your side.

You can count on having a very experienced professional by your side. Not only have I worked in various leadership roles in the corporate world, but I have also gotten to the top in five wildly different fields, ranging from geology/palaeontology and geophysics in the corporate world, to photography, to playwriting, to acting, and to holistic horse health and training. I know what it takes to make dreams happen.

5. Proven track record.

You can count on my approach truly working, since I’ve been ticking off one dream after the next of my own list, but I’ve also helped countless clients to do the same.

6. Plenty of useful tips and tricks.

You’ll improve your results continuously because the learning never stops. There will always be room for tips and tricks to get even better.

7. Easy to use advice.

You’ll benefit from hands on advice that will get you going immediately on your road to living your dream life.

8. Individual support.

You’ll benefit from my supporting you directly so that I can ensure that you are set up for success.

9. Wide variety of support.

You’ll benefit from progress and growth in a wide range of areas of your life, for while you’ll come to me to work on your work situation/business e.g. personal development will also play into this. So you’ll benefit to the max from my coaching.

10. Plenty of practical examples.

You’ll benefit from plenty of real life and every day life examples to illustrate your learnings. You’ll also be able to make use of those examples in your own life.

11. Content that excites.

You’ll benefit from a balanced mix of theory and practice to really help you to integrate change into your life.

12. Fun.

You can look forward to a lot of fun and laughter that we’ll share, because in my book learning should be fun.

13. 100 % reliability.

You can count on my word. If we have an agreement in place, I will stick to it.

14. Better than your competitors.

You can relax about competitors, because you will learn how to stay a few steps ahead at all times.

15. Your goals in our focus.

Because your success is also my success as your coach and cheerleader.

16. My objective view notices more than your subjective view.

You’ll achieve things you weren’t even thinking about, because as well as noticing where you’re at now and what’s stopping you from getting to where you want to be, I’ll also think ahead and think of things that aren’t in your view yet.

17. Safe space.

You can count on sharing your thoughts and worries in a safe space. You can walk down a new path with me by your side.

18. Open to suggestions.

You can count on me being open to your comments and suggestions, as I’m always interested in becoming even better in what I do.

19. Thinking outside the box for your success.

For you to get ahead you require fresh ideas, and you’ll get those from me.

20. Continuing education that guarantees the highest level of competence for you.

Knowledge is power. With that in mind I continue to learn and educate myself all the time, and you’ll benefit from my passing on to you all the latest knowledge I’ve acquired.

21. Clear leitmotif:

If you really want something, you’ll find a way, if you don’t want it, you’ll find excuses. I want you to push ahead and succeed, but only if you truly want that yourself.

22. Maximum flexibility.

You can count on my flexibility. Your life and business can change quickly, I’ll be there by your side.

23. Plenty of experience, plenty of knowledge.

You’ll benefit from 100 % practical advice and ideas, because you’ll be working with me, a coach who’s got years of experience in the corporate world, the arts, and animal health.

24. Simplicity over complexity.

You can benefit from my proven track record of years of giving courses and talks on complex subjects at universities, oil companies, and governmental organizations around the world. I know how to break down complex subjects into simple, easily manageable chunks.

25. Global views and global ideas.

You can benefit from the fact that I have lived and worked all around the world. So you’ll get a truly global view.

26. Latest news and inspiration.

Food for thought, inspiration and all the latest news on living your dream life straight to your inbox via my newsletter, my social media channels, and my blogs.

27. Provocative ideas.

Progress and change often need provocative ideas as a starting point, and you can count on plenty of years of experience in coming up with ideas that challenge current perspectives.

28. Clear leadership.

You can count on plenty of years of experience in successfully leading multi-national teams with team members distributed around the globe, so you’ll be able to learn what it takes to make something like that work.

29. Streamlined processes.

You can benefit from my proven track record of getting things done and simplifying processes along the way, so that they work more smoothly and reliably. Being able to not only assess the current state, but also to spot its problems is vital for progress and change.

30. Different formats.

You are unique, and so are your requirements. Therefore you can choose between personal coaching, online courses, retreats, workshops and talks, to suit your needs.

31. Easy availability to make things simple for you.

As a client you’ll be able to easily get in touch via phone, e-mail, WhatsApp, and all the social media channels.

32. Guaranteed discretion.

You can count on absolute discretion if that is a requirement for you.

33. Tailored to you offers.

Tailored offers to suit your unique requirements are of course available.


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