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Code of honor

In theory everyone can turn their life around, but ...

… in practice there will be people who will not succeed at doing so for a number of reasons. 

Because as much as I want everyone to have a life they enjoy and as much as I love helping people achieve that, I really do not want anyone investing in working with me who doesn’t honestly see themselves in the points I’m listing below.

My ideal client

I am the right fit for you if you

  • are self motivated and disciplined
  • love to continue to develop yourself and grow
  • try and figure out things yourself first before passing it on to other people
  • use your preferred search engine to research basic questions yourself first before taking up other people’s time 
  • are capable of healthy self reflection
  • continue even when it might be scary at first
  • enjoy trying out new things and are open to new experiences
  • enjoy spontaneity and freedom as much as I do and don’t need someone to hold your hand all the time
  • don’t take yourself too seriously and like me are able to laugh about yourself

My non-negotiables

I value honesty, loyalty, being respectful, a drive to grow and develop to name just a few basics.

You are not the right client for me if you:

  • are out looking for shortcuts
  • can’t handle change and growth
  • are a perfectionist
  • need to plan everything long in advance

Are we a perfect fit?

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I’m looking foward to getting to know you. 


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