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4 weeks - 4 Lives to stop being indecisive


Who is this for?

This is for you if you are someone who:

  • struggles to make a choice between A and B and wonders what to do now
  • is wondering what to do when you can’t decide
  • would like to know how one knows that a certain choice is the right decision
  • wants to stop being so indecisive
  • is not totally happy with the direction life and work have taken and realizes that this is down to your own indecisiveness
  • wants to be in charge of your own life instead of having other people rule your life and make decisions for you
  • never again wants to think about “what if I had decided differently” and be confident that you made the right choice instead
  • no longer wants to spend ages thinking about the possible outcome and just wants to make a decision instead
  • wants to enjoy life instead being paralyzed by your own indecisiveness and self-doubt of doubt your own decisions

In just 4 short weeks you’ll go from dreading to make decisions to making decisions quickly without any regret. Your own indecision will be a thing of the past.


How does it work?

You’ll learn:

  • all about the psychology of choice and the psychology of indecision and what both of these mean for you
  • that “Just flip a coin” can be a first step, but is not the ultimate solution that will help you make the decision
  • what types of excuses exist, and some of them you may not even recognize as excuses initially
  • what pattern of excuses you tend to use. We all have certain patterns of excuses that we like to fall back on. Once you know which one you like to use, you can counteract that.
  • how to get to the bottom of any excuse by using the most powerful question there is out there for this. Once you know the root cause of your excuse it’s far easier to eliminate it.

The result is that you’ll never have a hard time making decisions again going forward and can enjoy your new life as a decisive person. So are you ready to leave indecision behind?


About Bukephalos Coaching

Hi, my name is Silke Bude, and I’m the founder of Bukephalos Coaching. I’m passionate about helping people like you to find a job and career that fulfills them and brings them joy. Since our jobs take up such a large proportion of our life’s time, they even have influence over our non-work life. If a job situation makes you unhappy, you will carry this over into non-work life.

Because I have seen so many people choosing certain jobs and careers all for the wrong reasons and consequently ending up hating every single day of having to work that job, I have made it my mission to help as many people as I can, to get out of unfulfilling careers and into something they enjoy instead. Whether this will mean a career as an employee, or setting out on your own as an entrepreneur, there really is no limit. 

And the first step on that journey is to get past your excuses, because your excuses are stopping your life in your tracks. That is the reason why I came up with this workshop to help you to be able to look beyond what currently is.

Included for you

Here's what you'll get

4 live calls, incl. recordings

A live call once a week for 4 weeks. Recordings are included, in case you can't make it live.


A workbook to help you get the most out of this.

Support group

A support group for all your questions and disoveries and so you can all cheer each other on.


It all happens online, meaning you can join from anywhere in the world.

Put a stop to indecisiveness now and jump into a new life of decision-making

Being indecisive has so much power over your life. It quite literally stops your life in your tracks, as you watch that colleague make a decision that will change the path of his career in a positive way. That could have been you, if only you could have made up your mind.

Or that time when your friend suggested a super last-minute, super spontaneous trip to a concert or big show, and you didn’t go, because you just couldn’t make up your mind. The friend had a great time, whereas your being indecisive meant you spent the evening watching some random TV show that wasn’t even that good.

Or that time when you wanted to see a big show, but your fear of making the wrong decision when you had the choice between two different seats meant that someone else snapped up both tickets before you were even close to making a decision.

And the list goes on. So many missed opportunities, so much indecisiveness.

Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to put a stop to this and make 2022 the year your decision-making process became quick and easy?

Start with this one. 😉 Hit the button below now to secure your spot on this life-changing 4-week workshop!


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