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About Bukephalos Coaching

Hi, my name is Silke Bude, and I’m the founder of Bukephalos Coaching. I’m passionate about helping people like you to find a job and career that fulfills them and brings them joy. Since our jobs take up such a large proportion of our life’s time, they even have influence over our non-work life. If a job situation makes you unhappy, you will carry this over into non-work life.

Because I have seen so many people choosing certain jobs and careers all for the wrong reasons and consequently ending up hating every single day of having to work that job, I have made it my mission to help as many people as I can, to get out of unfulfilling careers and into something they enjoy instead. Whether this will mean a career as an employee, or setting out on your own as an entrepreneur, there really is no limit. 

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Once a month you have access to a free live Q&A, which gives you the chance to ask all your questions to do with changing jobs or changing career altogether, or if you just want to find out whether changing jobs will make you happier. Hint: Yes, it will. 🙂

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You receive tips, advice, and inspiration to do with your career and job, as well as news on upcoming courses and workshops straight into your inbox.

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You get first dibs on any upcoming workshops that have limited space, so you never miss out on awesome workshops on a variety of topics around career and jobs, but also about the psychology that drives what we do.

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