Bukephalos or being scared of one’s own shadow


The story of Bukephalos

Bukephalos was a black stallion born approximately 355 B.C.. He was offered to Alexander the Great’s (as he would later be called) father, but no one was able to ride him.

Alexander, who was about 12 years old then had been watching how rider after rider attempted to get onboard Bukephalos, and he had noticed that the horse was scared of his own shadow. So he asked to give it a try and positioned Bukephalos in such a way that he couldn’t see his shadow and thus managed to ride him.

Alexander’s father bought the horse for a huge sum of money, and Bukephalos carried Alexander from strength to strength. He was Alexander’s horse for every battle Alexander fought and for every country that he conquered. He eventually died aged around 30 years old in battle.

Alexander the Great as he was called by then founded a city in the place Bukephalos died and called it Alexandreia Bukephalos in memory of his great horse. A monument was also erected in his honour and he is known to this day as the most famous horse of the ancient world.

Why Bukephalos Coaching?

Bukephalos overcame his fear of his shadow and went on to achieve great things. He overcame that fear with the help of Alexander who spotted what scared him and positioned him in such a way that the scary shadow wasn’t visible to Bukephalos. And once he’d overcome his fear once, there was no stopping him anymore.

Most human beings are scared of one thing or another, change being one of them.

Change to start a new life.

Change to leave a job that one has been doing for a long time.

Change to do something that one is passionate about.

So what’s required to make it happen, to take that step and make that change?

It requires an Alexander, i.e. someone who observes for a bit and spots where the root cause of the fear of change lies.

And then positions you in a way that you no longer see what’s holding you back so that you can take that first step into a new direction.

And once you’ve taken that first step, and realised it wasn’t that scary at all, the exhilaration and energy of that first step will make you want to go for more.

You’ve left your shadow behind and are now living the life you truly want.

You’ve started to live your dream life and your work is your passion project now.

You are now working on building your legacy. Will it be in the form of a city? Who knows?! But it will certainly be something worth remembering.

That’s why it’s called Bukephalos Coaching. Bukephalos is the perfect symbol for what my coaching is all about.


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